Aneta Michniak

Aneta Michniak is a photographer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Aneta Michniak (Canadian, b. 1993) is a photographer based in Vancouver, Canada, where subtleness is at the heart of her work. Effortless in their dreamy, soft aesthetic, Aneta’s photographs reveal the delicate complexities and nuances of each moment.


Aneta Michniak was born in the small town of Nanaimo, British Columbia, but grew up with the sound of the glitz and glamour echoing in the endless desert canyons of Las Vegas, Nevada. Having first discovered photography as a young girl, it was only natural that she gravitated quickly to the profession. Aneta received her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. It was during her studies where she began pursuing photography as a career. After graduating in 2016, she embarked on an extended tour of Southeast Asia. Influenced and inspired by these surroundings, it was here where Aneta’s passion for travel sparked a desire to push the boundaries of photographic storytelling ever further.

Aneta's work is defined by her exquisite attention to detail – a result of her unique eye for art direction and composition. She is fascinated by narrative, but also finds inspiration in authentic moments. She consistently immerses her viewers into her imagery that takes them into a world outside of the ordinary, inspiring the adventurous spirit that lies within all of us. Aneta’s efforts to expand her and her audience’s cultural awareness have fostered groundbreaking photo projects in Poland and India that shift perspectives and spark conversation about the very nature of human interaction. 

A standout adventure and lifestyle photographer, Aneta's commercial and editorial work, as well as her portrait photography, echoes her beautiful and timeless style. From shuttered studios to city streets to remote natural landscapes, Aneta’s work exhibits her distinct aesthetic and perspective through her unique lens.

Available worldwide for editorial, commercial and fine art commissions. Selected works available in limited editions. 

Select clients and features: Vogue Italia, Stutterheim, Metta Beverage Inc., SUJÁN, Etnica Collection, Nyte Beverage Corp., Mountain Standard, Desert Luxury Camp, Artifact Uprising and more.


B.Kin, University of British Columbia 2016

Solo Exhibitions

Southeast Asia Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada 2017


Published Work

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